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    How to fill form directly using ColdFusion?

    AbhiThool Level 1
      I am new to Flex and ColdFusion. I am facing a simple problem.

      I have two tables, One STAFF and other ADDRESS. I am trying to get data from STAFF table into one datagrid and I display the STAFFID, then depending on which STAFFID I click I am trying to get data from ADDRESS table and trying to fill it into a form.
      I am able to work out the first part i.e. getting data from STAFF table and filling it into datagrid. But I am unable to get the second part working i.e. on click in datagrid, filling up the form with data from ADDRESS table.

      Can u please help me figure out what all things I should write in mxml and ColdFusion???

      Also like to know is it possible to fill forms directly using ColdFusiong instead of clicking on DataGrid and then using it to fill form?

      Thank you in advance.