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    David Schumbo

      Can I use my fonts in the Creative Cloud 30 day trial?

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          Doc Maik Level 4

          Of course. You can use your fonts in any tool which uses fonts.

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            David Schumbo Level 1

            Thanks Doc Maik, I appreciate your answer.

            When I import an worksheet to my trial version of Indesign I am given the notice that the fonts used are not available on my computer. But they are available in other programmes and definetely installed. Can it be that I cant import fonts to the trial version of Indesign? Or else what could be the problem?

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Do you have a font manager? This is a common complaint about TypeKit interacting with font managers...

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                David Schumbo Level 1

                No I dont use a font manager. Any other suggestion? I have no clue apart from that it may be related to the fact that its just a trial version of Indesign...

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  It's not an issue of a trial version.

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                    Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                    There is nothing in the 30-day trials that blocks any functionality in the product.


                    But one thing you haven't revealed to us is exactly what fonts you are having problems with? Could you name a few (or even one) so that we might be able to research your issue?


                    Also, be aware that InDesign groups fonts by character set support and within each group, alphabetically. You may have a font that does support Western Latin languages (including English) but also support Koosbanian. Such fonts might be found in a separate group at the end of the font list. Thus, you might want to scroll down the entire font list to see if what you believe to be a missing font is actually in the list, but not where you would initially expect to see it.


                              - Dov

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                      David Schumbo Level 1

                      Hi Dov,


                      thanks for your support.

                      I want to work with the fonts Klavika, ITC Usherwood and Crayon Crumble. When I load my worksheet into Indesign it tells me these fonts are not available and replaced by standard fonts. I purchased them and they are available in word and other programmes..



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                        Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                        I was able to download DK Crayon Crumble from DK Crayon Crumble Font | dafont.com. This is a freeware version with a reduced complement of glyphs compared to the commercial version of Crayon Crumble. I right-clicked on the font and selected Install. I then started InDesign, created a document, and immediately was able to enter text using that font.


                        One possible key to the problem that I just noticed is that you are having problems with the font(s) when you load a worksheet (spreadsheet?) into InDesign. If you are referring to an Excel spreadsheet or for that matter, any other content from Microsoft Office products, those other programs often encode the font names in a manner that is incompatible with industry standards.


                        Independent of the content you just loaded in, examine the list of fonts available when you select the text tool or look at the definition of the paragraph style associated with cells in the spreadsheet and the fonts available therein. In the list of fonts, look for either Crayon Crumble or DK Crayon Crumble. If one of the other is there, you could either select all text and change the formatting to that font or if the import created one or more paragraph styles, simply changing the paragraph style to use that font will fix your InDesign document. The same issue would apply to the other problematic fonts as well.


                        If in fact, there is no Crayon Crumble or DK Crayon Crumble in your list of fonts, you may need to take the following action:


                        (1)    Exit from all Adobe applications.


                        (2)    Look for all files on your computer with the name of the form AdobeFnt##.lst where ## are two digits.


                        (3)     Delete all such files.


                        (4)     Restart the Adobe applications.


                        At this point, see whether the Crayon Crumble font (as well as the others you are “missing” reappear. Let us know of any progress.


                                  - Dov

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                          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                          FWIW, I just tried creating an Excel spreadsheet using the DK Crayon Crumble font and placing that into InDesign. It placed without any problem and recognized that font. Just another data point ...


                                    - Dov