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    Creating a native desktop app *help*

    DylanGraft Level 1

      I'm trying to wrap my Edge files in some sort of container to allow users to run the project on their desktop. Right now, we are giving them a zip file with all of the assets and asking them to dig through there and open the index.html file. This works....sort of. But there are a lot of issues with browser incompatibility and the obvious pain in the a** of putting them in that position. So has anyone come across a way to package HTML5 content into native desktop apps?


      I guess I should clarify that these need to run offline. Which is why we aren't just hosting the content and giving them the link.


      Really just looking for some tips or direction. Anything would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I've tried everything under the sun.


      Google Chrome Apps seemed like the most promising option, but we cannot direct them to the chrome store to download. They have to download from the company storefront.