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    I am in the print mode  but the dimensions I select in the size template do not show up on either the cell size or the photo,  i.e. select 4x6 template lR gives me 3.5x4 8x10 gives me 5.19x3,50 I have to use 8x10 template in order to get 3.5x5.194


      The sizes on the print template do not relate to the size I get in the cell size or on the photo. Template 8x10 gives me 3.5 x5.194 which is on the cell size can't make it any larger. 4X6 template gives me 3.5x4 which is the same as the cell size.  My printer is a new epson 3000 which is set to print 4x6 but LR does not give the 4x6 dimension to the printer just the aforementioned sizes!!!! I have tried everything to get it to print properly to no avail.   The photo system that came with the computer an iMac 27" pro 2013  with yosemite as the os.works fine with he printer!  You just cannot do much other than print with it

      Anybody have any idea what happened?  It used to work fine ____about a week and a half ago