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    Link to external PDF/DOC

    Walter_Saegesser Level 1
      I tried to place a link to a PDF. (Link to File...)
      The file is copied into the working direktory. But there is no entry in the Baggage. (I don't know whether it should be).
      The project compiles normally, but the link does not work, i.e. it produces a "The page cannot be shown".
      I can place the PDF wherever I want, it does not work.
      What's wrong?
      Thanks for any hint.

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Walter. If you add the PDF to your baggage file you should be fine.
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            MergeThis Level 4
            If RH is in a blue funk at the exact moment that you attempt to add the file, it will ignore you (kinda like a cat, you know?).

            Open the rhbag,apj in Notepad, and add the file in the same format as the other files already in there.

            Good luck,

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              MergeThis Level 4

              The usercreated value in the example should be true, not false.

              A thousand pardons,
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                Level 2

                It crosses my mind that you may not want the PDF to be included in baggage. For example, if the PDF is from another source that may be updated separately from your CHM file. If you want it to be an extenal file, but open in the help viewer, you would use the parser function (documented in Help Workshop's help file). I can provide more details if this is what you want to do.

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                  Walter_Saegesser Level 1
                  Thanks for all answers! RH obviously was "in a blue funk", as Leon suggested. I had to add the file manually to the baggage. Now it works so far.
                  What John mentioned would be an even better and preferable solution. So, John, if you don't mind, let me take part of your knowledge ...
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                    Level 2
                    Hi Walther,

                    I've been on holiday so pardon the late response.

                    The parser function (attached) was developed by Microsoft to open external files. To implement it, you need to use the True Code editor and put the function in the HEAD section and then go to where you want the link and insert <A NOHREF ONCLICK="parser('filename.pdf')">Link text</A>. I usually put a FONT in to make the link text blue and underlined like a normal link as well.

                    My old version of RoboHelp's WYSIWYG editor doesn't like anchors with NOHREF and will change it to <A>, which doesn't do anything. I think it should survive in newer releases.