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    Major Lightroom problems


      I am desperate to find a solution. I was importing photos into lightroom and during the process the entire computer froze. I restarted the computer to only have it get put in to recovery mode. After a dozen attempts to get it going again I finally got Window to load correctly. I then backed up my catalog to an external hard drive. I then opened light room only to have it freeze the computer and start the whole process of multiple restarts to get it working again.  I decided to uninstall the program and re install it as thats usually the fix to a problem like this. But it has only made the problem worse.


      Now the problem is the new installed lightroom is still not working, and now lightroom won't let windows uninstall the program, and with it installed it won't re install or change/repair the program.


      I don't know what to do now. I have a bad program that won't let me remove it, and I can't repair it. I need some help (Prefered over the PHONE!) to get this fixed. I just bought lightroom 5 two weeks ago so I should be able to get phone or at the very least chat support.


      This is a major problem, any help is appreciated.