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    Combo box won't close untill

    Sway_foru Level 1
      i have several combo boxes all are movie clips with different names. i have them physically on the stage..and coded inside main action script starting in first frame of level 1.

      function toggleMemorials() {
      if (_root.memselect.getValue() == "AA005") {
      _root.designtext_mc.carvetext2.text = "AA005 7 x 10.5";
      _root.carvetext.text = "AA005 7 x 10.5";
      loadMovie("AA005-CM.swf", _root.display);
      } else if (_root.memselect.getValue() == "AA007") {
      _root.designtext_mc.carvetext2.text = "AA007 4.25 x 6";
      _root.carvetext.text = "AA007 4.25 x 6";
      loadMovie("AA007-CM.swf", _root.display);

      i have several els if statements .. ending with
      a last else if statement and close correctly

      the drop down box stays open i click the first several selections and it doesn't close unless i click the part of the box where it shows what has been selected. after all those i click a certain one and it will work normally.. all the statements are identical copy and paste and change selection statement to coincide with the value being entered. does n e one know what could cause this problem. it works on other movies i have done but not this one or one other;). the statements do run correctly . just will not close. thanks for the help.;)