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    Linking Text Boxes to Page Numbers

    Andymc7 Level 1

      Hey everyone,


      I have a request that's similar to setting up a regular TOC, but I'm figuring it may require some scripting, if it's even possible at all.


      Below you'll see that I have a catalog preview page with items' numbers and page numbers listed below them. Currently, these page numbers are incorrect, and I must go and look to see which page numbers they're now actually on, and fix accordingly. My question is: Can I set up this preview page, similar to a TOC, to where the page numbers in each text box can be linked to the actual page numbers, and update automatically in the case the pages get shuffled. ?


      Forgive me please if this is actually a general InDesign question and doesn't require scripting.


      Thanks for any/all replies!





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          cchimi Level 2

          It sounds like you want cross-references, which wouldn't require scripting. If you have a lot of these, though, you may end up wanting to script adding them in. Depending on how your document is set up, you would add either text anchors to those product numbers or link to them explicitly (cross-references can link to a text anchor or a paragraph; the latter is useful if your project numbers all have the same style applied) and generate the page numbers by using the Page Number Cross-Reference Style (perhaps edited slightly to get pg instead of page).


          I guess it depends on how you want to proceed; if you want to just add the anchors and the cross-refs manually, it's not a scripting question. You can check out InDesign Help | Cross-references for how to set it up. If you have a whole bunch of them and want to script it, you can do that too, assuming there's a way to identify all of the project and page numbers. Scripting cross-references can be a little bit tricky, so if you're not already a scripter and you don't have a huge number of these to handle, the manual approach might suffice.