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    Calculate numeric fields

    tallanwt Level 1

      I have a form with two numeric fields (gross_wt, tare_wt). I have a third field fill_wt (set as calculated-read only)

      topmostSubform.Page1.Fill_Wt::calculate - (FormCalc, client)



      When I open the pdf form, I get


      Pls. advise on correct scripting.

      Using Acrobat XI Pro, Livecycle ES4

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          radzmar Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First, you should add spaces to your script to make it more readable.

          Then you should check that you've used the exact naming of your fields (names are casesensitive).

          I can see that the field is named Fill_Wt but in your script you've used fill_wt so I assume the other fields have use uppercase letters included.