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    make table background transparent

    jamos316 Level 1

      i am new to dreamweaver and new to website creating , this is an easy question but i just cant work it out...

      i have a background picture then i have a table with text, i want to change the background from a solid color to a near transparent look so the background image comes through a little bit.

      i guess i click bg at the bottom of the screen. when i go to this the third bar seems like it changes the transparency (which is what I want) however i cant seem to get the change to stick

      i change the state off the third slider that will change the 'alpha' but whenever i go back to this screen the slider is all the way to the top again

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          Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You would need to use an rgba color, rather than a hex color to get a transparency added. The problem with doing that is old browsers can't see rgba colors at all.


          In your situation, it would be best to create a partially transparent PNG-24 in Photoshop and then use that .png as the background image in the css for your table.


          That will give you the best cross-browser compatibility.

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            Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Tables are not typically used for layouts anymore (except for e-mails).  That's the old school approach.  Nowadays, we use CSS layouts like the start-up pages that come with DW.

            Go to File > New > Blank page > HTML.  Pick a layout from 3rd panel & hit Create.


            Who is your target audience?  Pre-IE9 users on older equipment or modern browsers/mobile/tablet users?  Once you establish who your target audience is, that's who you need to build your sites for.


            I haven't used PNG transparent images for backgrounds in quite a while.  I don't feel I need to because all modern browsers and mobile devices can easily support RGBA colors or CSS gradients.  See links below for examples.


            RGBA Color Picker

            CSS 3.0 RGBA | CSS RGBA | CSS3 RGBA | RGBA


            CSS Gradient Generator

            Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator - ColorZilla.com



            Nancy O.

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