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    Data Merge/Directory


      Hi all -


      First time using Adobe forums. I am currently designing a directory of listings (Name, Company, Contact info, Etc.) for 700+ listings.


      To avoid manually typing each listing (Yikes!) I have been researching data merge and am a bit confused as to what the best approach is to layout a multi-page directory. The project is as follows:


      Laying out a directory for a membership company (approx 40+ pages). We have over 700 members in Excel formats with all of their information in columns. I can save this Excel file to a CSV file, but what is the best way to format and style these listings to a multiple page document in indesign?


      Any and all informaton would be greatly appreciated, Thank you!




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          MW Design Level 5

          Hello Dan,


          Have you done a merge in ID before? There's good info in the help and on various web sites. Put in your placeholders, assign paragraph and character style to them (character styles if needed), trust the merge will work into a new document--don't use Preview as it is buggy at times. Check your merged document.


          Now, each record of the merge will be in individual text frames that are not linked for flow. There are a few means of stitching those frames to flow the text from frame to frame. One such method is to use a free plug-in and there are numerous scripts to do so. Once the frames have been stitched, I delete all the pages and all but the first text frame. Then drag the frame out to size, add columns if desired, add a page and autoflow the text (which adds as many pages as needed. This whole process takes far longer to describe here than to actually do...at least once you have done it.


          So this...




          Becomes this...



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            Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

            I'd do the first paragraph of what MW Design has suggested, but then use a product called inlinemerge: InDesignSecrets presents our InlineMerge scriptOzalto - works wonders!



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              Dterry Level 1

              Thank you so much for your responses - I am relatively new to indesign (most of the work I've done in the past has been photoshop/illustrator)


              The problem I'm having is that when I create a text box, add the placeholders, then go to the data merge dialouge box - Multiple record layout is not an option so it keeps putting 1 listing on its own page (I need them in order on the same page/carrying over to next page).


              Any idea why it is not letting my select multiple record layout?


              Thank you again for your help!



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                Dterry Level 1

                Nevermind - I was able to figure it out! (I was starting my document with multiple pages instead of 1...working out the kinks with this program!)


                Thank you so much for your help!