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    How to recover a previous version of a PSD after closing the file


      I made a mistake flattening a PNG and accidentally saved over the original PSD and lost all of my layers. In my efforts to find a way to recover it before attempting to rebuild from the flattened image, I found this post:


      "Hmm,I just did a stupid action .

      I opened my psd file ,removed some images and layers ,and then I saved it and closed my photoshopCS4.

      However ,I did not want to save it actually !!! I made a mistake !

      That's my two days work !

      I want to revert my file to last saved version.

      Is there anyway to revert it ?

      Or is there anyway to find my last version file such as in temp file (however ,i don't know where it is)?

      Please help me ! "


      But no one had an answer to my/our problem, but I found a solution very shortly thereafter!


      This program "Recuva" worked for me: https://www.piriform.com/recuva


      I accidentally flattened, saved, and exited a version of a project I was working on. I installed this program, which found the old version and recovered it. Installation to recovery took about 3 minutes total.


      I could not find the "Reply" anywhere so I assumed the discussion was closed. However, I want to help so I am starting this discussion to spread the word for other troubled users. I hope it helps.