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    no render colours, nor keyframes visible

    Doug_newuser Level 1

      I have a MP4 video that I would like to make some keyframe changes to.


      Checking the properties within Premiere Elements for the video file gives a frame rate of 29.97 and a type of MPEG Movie.   No Codec info is provided (see screen image below).


      I am thinking that the difficulty is some sort of mismatch to the video preset, although am struggling to see what.   The preset also has a 29.97 frame/second timebase.   The editing base says DSLR (which matches the original source).


      Any help appreciated.




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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements are you using and on what computer operating system is it running?


          In the absence of that information, I will generalize....


          If you are using Premiere Elements 11 or higher and you or the project have the correct project preset, you will see

          no render indicator line above that Timeline content. You will after your edits of that file. Need for render to get the best possible

          preview will be reflected with an orange line over the content.


          As for keyframes not showing....what keyframes are you seeking: keyframes for Position property, keyframes for Scale property....?

          If the video has been keyframed in the Premiere Elements project, right click the video, and select Show Clip Keyframes, followed by selecting the property that was keyframed. You should then see "white dots" (keyframes) on the Timeline clip's rubberband (orange line that runs horizontally across duration of clip).


          Please review the above and let us know if that is the information that you sought.





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            Doug_newuser Level 1

            Thank you for replying so quickly.   The version is Premiere Elements v11


            I have just resolved the problem.   The difficulty was not that the keyframes were not showing, it was that the keyframe options were greyed out so could not be selected.


            Before adding new keyframes, I needed to click the toggle animation button.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the reply that you resolved you keyframe matter. What about the Timeline render as per your thread title "no render colours nor keyframes visible"?


              From what you wrote I pictured at keyframe matter at the Timeline level rather than in the Applied Effects Tab/Applied Effects Palette/ and the keyframing area there for the property being keyframed.


              Glad you are moving forward with your Premiere Elements projects.


              Best wishes