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    After Effects: Taking 9 hours to render and finalize a 4 minute song with audio spectrum?


      Hello, I am using Adobe After Effects to create some Youtube videos for my music. I have a 4 minute song I've created, and have added 6 layers of audio spectrum, as well as glows, and a few other minor effects. I'm newer to the program, but I still do not understand how the estimated time to render 6,125 frames is 9 HOURS?


      My computer: Dell Optiplex 760

      Intel(R) Core 2 Duo CPU - E7200 @ 2.53GHz

      Ram: 8 GB

      System: 64-bit

      Hard Drive: 250GB


      The Rendering process is set on multi-process rendering. It is using 71% of 8GB ram constantly.

      I am rendering my 4 minute song, along with the 6 layers of audio spectrum, glows, and other effects, along with 2 small text layers.

      This is going into MPEG4 format, with "Best Settings".

      I have tried .FLV, .MPEG4, .H261, and .MOV and they all have the same estimated time for 6,125 frames.


      Could anyone provide me any advice? I need to render and finalize this composition, then upload it to youtube. So it would be great to have decent quality, as well as GOOD sound quality.


      Thank you!

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Don't use compressed audio -- change ac3's, aac's or mp3's to wav or aiff.

          Turn off the multiprocessing--it probably isn't helping one bit, and you may have it set up wrong, too.

          Render to a quicktime movie in Animation, Photo JPEG  or PNG codecs.  Compress later

          Just before bedtime, hit the Render button, have a nice night's sleep, and see how things are doing in the morning.

          Compress to mp4 using Adobe Media Encoder.


          And FYI:  things that you call "minor effects" may in reality be quite processor-intensive, meaning AE has to work harder, meaning it'll take a good deal of rendering time.


          AE isn't a video editor.  It's an effects, motion graphics  and compositing application.  It doesn't work like a video editor.  You can't expect it to react or perform like a video editor.

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