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    How do I remove plug-in association with files?


      I don't know if this is something I can specifically modify, but here goes. I am working with InDesign CC 2014 on a mac running OS 10.9.5 (relevant?).


      We have a number of "Master" type files with multiple layers. Here's my problem: A while back we installed an XMPie plug-in. Unfortunately, we never really ended up using it (at least for the time being); however, all of our files during this time have become associated with this plug-in. We've recently updated the Adobe software and the plug-in is not compatible. How can I remove the association with the plug-in without having to recreate the file? Is this even possible?


      "Adobe InDesign cannot load the XMPBackEnd7_5.InDesignPlugin plug-in. The XMPBackEnd7_5.InDesignPlugin plug-in requires the 7.5 version of InDesign. Please contact the vendor to get a compatible version of XMPBackEnd7_5.InDesignPlugin."


      Please help! Thanks in advance.