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    startsoft mediaplyer expanded xtra


      I have installed the starsoft mediaplayer expanded xtra, and I think it is a fantastic xtra.

      I do have one problem at the moment and that is I have published my movie to shockwave as per their own instructions, uploaded everything to a webserver for testing, when you load the page an error alert comes up telling me that the xtra required should be located in the xtras folder? This is on a different PC than the one I use for development. The development PC plays the shockwave movie fine, but I assume that is because I have the player installed on my PC in the xtras folder.

      I have put the .x32 file on the webserver and in the xtrainfo.txt file I have put an entry in for the mediaplayer and pointed it to the location on the webserver.

      what am I missing!? Please help.