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    Replicating timeline with code

      Hi guys and girls,

      Just wondering if someone can enlighten me on how you go about replicating the timeline of a movieclip as a class file?

      I am what I guess would be called an intermediate actionscript programmer, i am not slouch, but I am also no actionscript guru.

      Anyway, I have been playing more with classes lately and AS3 addChild to add a child to my MovieClips, just wondering how I would create a MovieClip with frames inside of my code, then how do i play the frames etc?

      Is it best to mix developing in flash with both code and designing movieclips in flash? Just from what I have been reading there seems to be alot of people leaning towards the development of code only swf's. Just wondering if someone can give me some tips.

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          if you use attachMovie() you can have a timeline available.
          You can't create frames with AS code.

          If you use code, timeline or a combination depends on what type of project you have, and your backround.
          There is no right or wrong.
          When I'm creating flash ads, I work fastest when i combine timeline and code.
          When Im creating more serious applications I don't use the timeline, just code.