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    applescript - path to file


      Hi there,


      I was making a simple applescript... but I'm a Windows user, and I'm using a Mac environment to code some stuff to a friend and I probably am stepping onto some minor details from OSX.


      Here's my question... I have these files:


      So.... I have on the same folder:

      • Teste (the AppleScript file)
      • and teste.jsx (the ExtendScript file to execute some functions on InDesign).


      What I was trying to do on the AS file was as simple as:


      set theFileScript to "teste.jsx" as alias
      tell application "Adobe InDesign CC 2014"
           do script theFileScript language javascript
      end tell


      But when I run it I get: "File teste.jsx wasn't found".


      I already looked around and I got the idea that if I wanted a relative path (that's what we call it in Windows) to a file in the same directory we just needed to put the name of the file (just like in Windows).

      But from this test and some others I did I don't think that's true, how may I solve this?



      Many thanks for the help!