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    Importing Word doc into Previously Existing Project Corrupts Related Topics


      I had a few extra topics that I documented in a Word document and imported that document into an existing HTML Help project in RoboHelp. After doing this, it used the CSS file called by the new folder it added for those new topics (based on the name of the imported word doc) and when I look at topics in WYSIWIG, the text on them is Design_Time Con. (I used the text only style of related topics). When I select the related topic button in WYSIWIG and view the popup, the menu choice for properties is deactivated so I can't even edit the topics in them. And, when I try to add a new related topic, it looks the same "corrupted" way.

      What am I going to do? Is there are project setting that is pointing to the wrong directory? What can I do to save my related topics. I have over 400 topics all with related topics buttons and each has an average of 6-8 related topics listed.
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          ckicbc Level 1
          P.S. I also tried creating a new project and importing the htm files into it but it is doing the same thing.

          Here is the code for the Related Topics in one of the topics as a sample:

          <!--Metadata type="DesignerControl" startspan
          <object CLASSID="clsid:FF80F713-5DC6-11d0-A7B4-00AADC53E937"
          <param name="_Version" value="65536" >
          <param name="_ExtentX" value="2117" >
          <param name="_ExtentY" value="556" >
          <param name="_StockProps" value="13" >
          <param name="ForeColor" value="0" >
          <param name="BackColor" value="14215660" >
          <param name="UseButton" value="0" >
          <param name="UseText" value="-1" >
          <param name="ControlLabel" value="Related Topics" >
          <param name="UseIcon" value="0" >
          <param name="Items" value="About the Main Work Pick Window;About_the_Main_Work_Pick_Window.htm$$**$$About the Picking Employees Grid;About_the_Picking_Employees_Grid.htm$$**$$Adding a Part-Time Employee Pick;Adding_a_Part_Time_Employee_Pick.htm$$**$$Adding a Work Pick;Adding_a_Work_Pick.htm$$**$$Changing the Employee Pick Order;Changing_the_Employee_Pick_Order.htm$$**$$Choosing the List of Picking Employees;Choosing_the_List_of_Picking_Employees.htm$$**$$Defining the Main Pick Information;Defining_the_Main_Pick_Information.htm$$**$$Pick Status Codes;Pick_Status_Codes.htm$$**$$Picking Extra Work;Picking_Extra_Work.htm$$**$$Picking Special Days;Picking_Special_Days.htm$$**$$Reviewing Master List Positions;Reviewing_Master_List_Positions.htm$$**$$Saving the Pick;Saving_the_Pick.htm$$**$$Selecting an Employee and Beginning the Pick;Selecting_an_Employee_and_Beginning_the_Pick.htm$$**$$Selecting Imported Rosters;Selecting_Imported_Rosters.htm$$**$$" >
          <param name="Image" value="" >
          <param name="FontInfo" value="Arial,8,0,," >
          <param name="_CURRENTFILEPATH" value="\\cronos\Usr\kwatson\Operations Guide\TeleDriver Operations Guide Draft 1 for Import into Help\Adding_an_Extraboard_Pick.htm" >
          <param name="_ID" value="RelatedTopics" >
          <param name="UseMenu" value="-1" >
          <param name="Frame" value="" >
          <param name="Window" value="" >
          ID="RelatedTopics" TYPE="application/x-oleobject" >
          <PARAM NAME="Command" VALUE="Related Topics,MENU">
          <PARAM NAME="Font" VALUE="Arial,8,0,,">
          <PARAM NAME="Item1" VALUE="About the Main Work Pick Window;About_the_Main_Work_Pick_Window.htm">
          <PARAM NAME="Item2" VALUE="About the Picking Employees Grid;About_the_Picking_Employees_Grid.htm">
          <PARAM NAME="Item3" VALUE="Adding a Part-Time Employee Pick;Adding_a_Part_Time_Employee_Pick.htm">
          <PARAM NAME="Item4" VALUE="Adding a Work Pick;Adding_a_Work_Pick.htm">
          <PARAM NAME="Item5" VALUE="Changing the Employee Pick Order;Changing_the_Employee_Pick_Order.htm">
          <PARAM NAME="Item6" VALUE="Choosing the List of Picking Employees;Choosing_the_List_of_Picking_Employees.htm">
          <PARAM NAME="Item7" VALUE="Defining the Main Pick Information;Defining_the_Main_Pick_Information.htm">
          <PARAM NAME="Item8" VALUE="Pick Status Codes;Pick_Status_Codes.htm">
          <PARAM NAME="Item9" VALUE="Picking Extra Work;Picking_Extra_Work.htm">
          <PARAM NAME="Item10" VALUE="Picking Special Days;Picking_Special_Days.htm">
          <PARAM NAME="Item11" VALUE="Reviewing Master List Positions;Reviewing_Master_List_Positions.htm">
          <PARAM NAME="Item12" VALUE="Saving the Pick;Saving_the_Pick.htm">
          <PARAM NAME="Item13" VALUE="Selecting an Employee and Beginning the Pick;Selecting_an_Employee_and_Beginning_the_Pick.htm">
          <PARAM NAME="Item14" VALUE="Selecting Imported Rosters;Selecting_Imported_Rosters.htm">
          <PARAM NAME="Text" VALUE="Text: Related Topics">
          <!--Metadata type="DesignerControl" endspan-->