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    ScrollPane issue

      My ScrollPane will not display its scrollBar if my export frame for classes is anything but 1. However, I have to use a frame other than frame 1 so my preloader will function correctly. Am I up a creek without a paddle here? Or is there something I haven't thought of? Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks!!!
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          TheDoubleG Level 1
          After further examination, I've figured out the solution. In order for the scrollBar assets to appear, you must place an instance of each of your scrollBar assets on the stage (out of the viewable stage area, of course). For example, I placed mine on frame 5 (which also happens to be my export frame for classes). To find them in your library, the default names for these assets should be "HScrollBarAssets," "ScrollBarAssets," and "VScrollBarAssets." After doing this, my preloader works like a charm, and all my scrollBar assets appear and function correctly. I hope this helps anyone else who has encountered this problem.

          I should also point out that this example is for those who have designed custom scrollBar assets.