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    Why is the merge parent creating folders for and publishing all the contents of the child projects?

    Tatu Mbili Level 1

      Hello again,


      I'm using RH10 under TFS. Previously when I published my merged project, parent and two child projects, once I published the parent, the published file structure was Parent/mergedProjects/Child 1 and Parent/mergedProjects/Child 2 (note the spaces: my xpj files are called Child 1.xpj and Child 2.xpj). I have been berated for having fragile links (my only excuse is I'm completely self taught with anything web and RH based) and am trying to get rid of the spaces, so I changed the publish path in the two child projects to not have any spaces, thought that would do it. I do what I've learned here (thanks, Peter!) and publish my parent, then each of the child projects. The problem is that the parent is publishing both child projects at the same time  and publishing an old version of the project without my latest changes, with the wrong folder names. I'm very frustrated. I think it has to do with the fact that my .xpj files have spaces in them and that's where it's taking the folder names from when I define the two child projects in the parent TOC. If, during that process, I pick the Child 1.xpj file and then where it says Project Name, I enter Child1, it then creates three folders under mergedProject: Child 1, Child 2 and Child1.


      Why is the parent publishing all this old stuff? As far as I know, it should only be publishing itself and setting up the mergedProject folder so that I can publish the child projects which then create their own folders during the publish, if they don't exist before.


      If it is the .xpj that is used as the name of the mergedProject child folder, can I rename that file so there are no spaces in it? Project is under TFS version control and the documentation here says I can't if it is under version control. Again, if that's the issue, can I just remove it from version control and then rename the project in order to change the .xpj file name?