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    Recovering data from Temp file following transfer failure

    LeGrandCorbeau Level 1

      Hey everyone,



      I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about recovering Lightroom data from temp files.


      Last month I made a serious, serious error while transferring my files in Lightroom. I was off-loading a month's worth of material off of one hard drive onto another (in a rush to catch a flight), and used Lightroom's "Move" tool to do so. Problem was, they were both portable harddrives and one of them periodically lost power during the transfer. The result was devastating: the vast majority of the images and previews were lost to the black abyss. I did not have a backup of the RAWs or videos. It was... very bad.


      However, I noticed that I could still preview the images in Lightroom. Somewhere, some of the previews still existed in a temp folder or in RAM.


      I found two files called Photoshop Temp in my Windows Temp folder and backed them up to my drive. Together they're over 6 gigabytes and do not respond to opening in Photoshop, nor Lightroom.


      Is there any way to recover some of the data from these caches?



      Thanks so much!