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    Unable to paste frame from one animation into another


      Hi, I'm currently working to make a set of GIFs. I'm using PS CS6 64-bit on a Windows 7 PC. This is my first time encountering this error. I am attempting to select a batch of frames from one animation (in the frame animation mode) then select "Copy Frames" in the drop down window of the workflow menu, then move to the other animation, which is also in frame animation mode. However, when I go to that animation's drop down menu I'm unable to select "Paste Frame" - it's grayed out. I've attempted to rest my tools and preferences, and reopened PS several times, but still can't copy and paste frames from one animation to another. (I'm still able to copy and paste frames within a single animation.) As I said, this is my first time encountering this error after making numerous GIF sets this way -- any troubleshooting tips?