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    jquery droppable function child symbol


      On my EA project I am using the jquery droppable function.  Note that the code I have written works correctly, but is what I would call inefficient code, as you will see below.  Can you advise of a way that I could write the droppable function(s) more efficiently?


      There is 1 element on the stage that is draggable.  Then I have 5 elements that are droppable.  These five droppable elements are nested inside a child symbol .


      On the stage I have a parent symbol named 'parentSymbol',  nested inside that I have a child symbol named ‘childSymbol’, which contains various elements. 

      I do not want to make the entire childSymbol droppable, only some of the elements within this child symbol. Namely:






      In composition ready I have included the following droppable functions, which work correctly.

      //droppable function for element1

      sym.getSymbol('parentSymbol').getSymbol(‘childSymbol’).$(‘element1’).droppable({drop: function() {


      //disable  droppable

      sym.getSymbol('parentSymbol').getSymbol(childSymbol’).$(‘element1’).droppable( 'disable' );




      //droppable function for element2

      sym.getSymbol('parentSymbol').getSymbol(‘childSymbol’).$(‘element2’).droppable({drop: function() {


      //disable  droppable

      sym.getSymbol('parentSymbol').getSymbol(childSymbol’).$(‘element2’).droppable( 'disable' );





      And again for the third element……