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    Can Photoshop CS6 be used with Interactive Display Screens?


      Our High School uses large interactive display screens (Sahara Clevertouch) in each classroom connected to a mix on Windows 7 & 8.1 laptops and desktops.

      We have the same problem with all of them that only seems to happen in Photoshop:


      If you use a mouse or the trackpad on a laptop, even when plugged into the Clevertouch, then everything works fine.


      If you then try using the touch on the screen as an alternative to the mouse, it detects the movement, but turns into panning mode (little white hand) rather than whatever tool you where using.

      Bizarrely if you start the touch off the side of the page and move onto the page it draws the line correctly: the problem only occurs if the line (etc) starts on the page.


      Can anyone let me know the setting I need to change to get Photoshop to behave normally?




      Philip Evans