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    Any way to keep 1:1 previews on external with RAW images, smart previews & catalog on internal drive?


      So I have my main Lightroom 5 catalog on my laptop drive, and thus my 1:1 previews and smart previews. I create 1:1 for everything since I noticed in LR 4 it helped speed things up a lot. I keep my RAW files on an external drive. The problem is my 1:1 preview file is almost 100 gigs. Is there a way to keep my catalog and smart previews on my internal drive for off site use, but the 1:1 preview file on the external with my RAW images for use only when home and plugged in? Smart previews are a great idea but with 100 gigs of 1:1 previews on my internal drive they're almost useless and I may have to move my entire catalog to the external regardless.


      I am doing a lot of organizing and will begin removing unneeded 1:1 previews as I can, but the space isn't an issue, it's just the internal space.


      Thank you!


      - jesse