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    Presenter 10 CCP


      Hi !


      Have problems to  package Presenter 10 with CCP 1.7 and hopes someone can help me with this.

      Its for Windows 7 64-bit and Office 2013 32-bit.

      If i make a package for 64-bit i CCP Everything installs perfectly but no add-in i Powerpoint !?

      If i make a package for 32-bit i CCP its not possible to install on my system.

      Any solutions for this, bugg i CCP ?



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          support34233 Level 1

          Is there really no one that have problem to make a package of Presenter 10 with Creative Cloud Packager ?

          Impossible to make a package that works in Windows 7 64-bit och with Office 2013 32-bit !

          Anyone have any ide how to solve this and how to make it work ?

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            flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

            Since Presenter is not part of the CC list of products, maybe there is an issue there. However, I'd recommend you call support at 800-945-9120 and speak with them directly regarding options for getting this done.

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              alpi agarwal Adobe Employee



              Currently, there is a problem with Presenter CCPpackage,

              You may package only 32bit Presenter that works on 32bit OS only and a 64bit Presenter that works on 64bit OS .

              We are trying to find a work around and will get back to you ASAP



              Alpi Agarwal

              Adobe Presenter Engineering Team

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                Mayank_M Adobe Employee

                Hi There,


                You need to add Presenter 10 installer as an "Offline Media" for PN 10 32 bit and OS 64 bit.


                Instructionsfor creating Presenter 10 package for 64-bit OS and 32-bit PowerPoint:


                1. Please download Adobe Presenter 10 from Adobe.com or from your Adobe Licensing Website (LWS) account and extract the .7z file to a folder by double-clicking the .exe file.
                2. Once done, please launch CCP and Click “Creative Cloud for Enterprise”.
                3. Sign in using your Adobe ID and click Next.
                4. Now, click on “Create Package”.
                5. Select “Serial Number License”.
                6. For 64-bit OS and 32-bit MS Office, select “64-bit package”.
                7. Capture1.PNG
                8. Click Next and enter the serial number for Adobe Presenter 10.
                9. Now, click on “Offline Media” option at the bottom of the window and navigate to the installer for Presenter 10 extracted in step 1. You may have to select the 32-bit folder inside the extracted setup folder and then cick on extract and then done.





                Now click on Build to create a package. Adobe Presenter 10 package is created and you would see “Builds” and “Exception” folder.

                Deploy the contents of build and exception folder just like you do for other CC products.




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                  Hi Mayank,


                  I have made about 20 or so CC installers with CCP but I am having issues still with Presenter 10.  I have followed the instructions here and it all installs fine but I still do not get the Powerpoint functionality.  There is no listing of it either in the COM add-ins etc.


                  Im using most up to date CCP and re-downloaded the Presenter 10 files.  Out organisation is using Windows 7 SP1 with Office 2010 32 bit version.  Using the CCP installer method -64 bit package referencing the 32bit installer folder listed above.


                  Any ideas? Can I send a log file through?



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                    Mayank_M Adobe Employee

                    Hi Andy,


                    Can you check if you see Adobe Presnter folder in the installed location ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Presenter 10.0")?  If yes then try to run PowerPoint as "Run as Administrator" and try again.




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                      andyh84726772 Level 1

                      Thanks Mayank.


                      Your reply pointed me in the right direction but what I did to resolve this if it assists anyone else:

                      Deleted the Presenterwin64 completely from the extracted folder.

                      Copied the pre-reqs from the common folder in to the payloads folder of the Presenterwin32 folder.

                      Created the package as per the above instructions.

                      Confirmed functional install via SCCM (PowerPoint has the Presenter menu).