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    problem in Image placement....

      I am facing a problem to place a image between text (HTML). Below is the code just copy and paste this code in a fla file and it will start work.


      this.t1.html = true;
      this.t1.type = "dynamic";
      this.t1.autoSize = true;
      this.t1.multiline = true;
      this.t1.wordWrap = true;
      this.t1.htmlText = "<body> <p>aaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaa <img src=' http://www2.omnitel.net/robertas/images/smile.gif'/> bgbgbgbgbb bbbb b b bbbbjd fkjskldj flkjsdkl jflksjdlk jfkla aldsj fjaklsj flksjdlkfjaklsdj fklajsdklfjklas ewjrkljq evklrqj lkerj qkwje </p></body>"

      Problem: The Image is coming at the left side of text, while I need image after "aaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaa " and before "bgbgbgbgbb bbbb b b bbbbjd " in a line (Image In between text).

      Please fix this, incase you find any confusion in this let me know.

      Amitabh Arya