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    Account confusion


      I kept getting subscription renewal notices and now a subscription expired notification. Thank you for the reminder but there has obviously been a mistske made.  Back in September I went to use my account and it said I needed to join in order to do so.  Unaware of my subscription status and being in a hurry, I just went ahead and paid for another year.  By your account, I should have had an active subscription and not had to join again.  My latest subscription order confirmation number is AD014156727 and expires 27 Sep 2015.  My financial institution has already been billed.  My previous Order Number was AD009732976.  This order was confirmed on 6 Oct 2013 (now that I've researched it) so my subscription should have been good on and before that date of this year.  Basically a moot point now since I already renewed.  Please remove the payment reminder and update my account status. 

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          Sara.Forsberg Employee Moderator

          Hi skins4life,


          I've looked at your account, and you're absolutely correct. You had a subscription for Adobe SendNow, which expired on Oct 6, 2014 (this subscription started on October 6, 2013, but the auto renew didn't go through). On September 27, you signed up for a new Adobe Send subscription. That one is active and you should be able to use it with no issues.


          I can cancel the expired subscription for you, so that you should not receive any more billing reminders for it.


          Shall I leave your new Adobe Send account as is?




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            skins4life Level 1

            Please cancel what has already expired and leave the active one as is.  Strange how all of my previous emails on this subject went unanswered but everything now appears to be cleared up.


            Thank you,


            Marques "Q" Pharms

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              Sara.Forsberg Employee Moderator

              I'm very sorry that your emails went unanswered. That's not the customer experience that we strive for.


              But, you should be all set now.


              Enjoy your day!