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    AfterEffects CC video preview: missing preferences


      Hi there,


      I'm using a video monitor (JVC) with a video card from AJA working in After Effects.

      Everything was working fine (incl. CS6).


      Since I installed the new version of After Effects (Creative Cloud), my external monitor doesn't update anymore.


      I get the signal and still image on my monitor indeed, but when I scrub through the composition or I play the preview the monitor doesn't play/update.


      All required plugins (AE, AJA) are installed.


      When checking the preferences in AE I realized that some prefs are missing in the new version (CC). See the 2 images attached.


      Did adobe really cancel these options in AE CC?

      Anyone an idea how to solve this problem?


      Thanks 4 any advice!





      images from a german version:



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          Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

          There is a known issue with AJA's drivers when using Mercury Transmit with After Effects CC 2014 which causes the external video preview not to update. AJA recommends that instead of using Mercury Transmit, you use their AJA Preview plug-in (Window > AJA Preview).


          Regarding the options that were removed from the Video Preview preferences, they were no longer relevant when Mercury Transmit replaced the old QuickTime- or DirectShow-based video preview architecture. If there is functionality you would like to see added to video preview in After Effects, please file a feature request: http://adobe.ly/feature_request