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    Missing Themes

      Hi all. I'm excited to try the new release since I was experiencing major color shift problems. However, when I logged on this morning, I noticed that two thirds of my themes were missing. The ones that were there also seemed to roll back to an early standing. (For example, a theme that was showing downloads of around 68 and four stars is now showing threes stars and 21 downloads. Another rolled back from 8o something to 67.) Seems like anything newer than the end of February is gone. I've noticed other folks themes missing as well.

      Is this a permanent loss or are tweaks still in the works?

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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          Hi Carolyn,
          Thanks for letting us know. We'll definitely look into it. You can try clearing your cache to see if that changes anything.
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            Hi Sami,

            Just want to let you know that I noticed this problem as well on (FF v1.5.0.11).
            It did clear up for me after I emptied the cache.

            With Aloha,

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              CBukley Level 1
              Hi! I thought I'd cleared the cache, but saw this and tried it again, including cookies and the lot. Worked like a charm. Thanks to both of you.

              The new release is AWESOME! I haven't seen any color shifting so far and could finally clean up some of my old tags! (Before I was afraid to open any saved theme for fear of all the color changing.) So far so good!

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                CBukley Level 1
                Spoke too soon. While trying to update a theme, something happened and it saved to someone else's name. When I tried to view my themes, they then all appeared under someone else's name. I tried signing off, clearing my cache and cookies, closing browser and reopening, etc. When I tried to log back on, it looks like it created a new mykuler account and tells me I have not created any themes. All my previous themes now show up under carlosbernal instead of caro.


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                  Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                  We're on it! Stay tuned.
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                    Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                    Is it fixed for you? If you give me a few theme names that would help us test.
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                      CBukley Level 1
                      If you search on "caro" it's the entire set of 28 that comes up. (For some reason, it still recognizes me in search. :) )

                      A few of the theme names are below:
                      Twisted Greens
                      Rosy Browns

                      Thanks for charging to the rescue. :)


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                        CBukley Level 1
                        One other thing, in case it helps...

                        I also noticed that it is attributing comments I've made to good ol' carlos as well. For sample, see matthepworth's "Neutral Blue."

                        The theme that shows up for carlosbernal is also the one that I was creating when the weirdness happened. Theme name is "Low sun on stucco." I was trying to publish after correcting a color when I lost my identity. :)


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                          Level 7
                          Hi. These issues should be cleared up now. What you observed were a result of
                          some modifications wemade to improve server performance and caching. We
                          have since tweaked our settings and you should no longer experience these
                          issues. No data was actually lost - the issues were restricted to improper
                          display of information. Please let us know if you notice any other similar

                          Tim Strickland
                          kuler lead developer

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                            CBukley Level 1
                            Logged on and all seems good as new. Thanks for the quick fix. Much appreciated.

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                              CBukley Level 1
                              Sorry to be a pain, but I'm having similar problems again. Not exactly the same. I tried to log in to save a theme, had problems (spin spin spin, you know), and when it finally logged me in and saved the theme, none of my old themes were accessible via MyKuler. The older themes are still listed under my name, but only the new theme shows up in MyKuler. The avatars are different too. Not sure where it plucked the new one from.

                              The older themes include Romance, Guacamole, etc. The new theme is Sync. Username is caro. Let me know if you need more info.

                              Same problem? Can you flip the "all better" switch again? Thanks for any help!
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                                Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                                Hi Carolyn,
                                No problem, glad you brought it to our attention. I'll pass your question along and we'll try to find that "all better" switch again. :)
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                                  CBukley Level 1
                                  Looks like you found the switch. All is working again today. Thanks for the fix! :)

                                  Is there anything I might be doing that is causing this (so that I can STOP)? If it happens again, is reporting it in the forum the best way to get it fixed or is there a better way of contacting you? I did run through the drill of clearing my cache completely and waited to see if it was a temporary glitch, but after a couple days I got antsy. If this is something that will right itself on its own let me know so that I can stop pestering you for support.

                                  Thanks again!
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                                    Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                                    This issue was related to legacy IDs (Adobe IDs that are not email addresses). This should be fixed now. Thanks for your patience.