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    Flash Player 7 issues


      I'm developing a game in flash version 7 using Flash 8 professional. Now I've been happily developing it for a while, testing it through the standalone player (version 9) and recently copied it across to our test rig which runs player 7.0 r19.

      The problem is even though the whole time I've been compiling the movie as version 7, when it runs in flash player 7 it produces some sporadic bugs which never occurred when running in version 9.

      The game is currently 5000 lines of code and the bugs are inconsistent so it'd take too long to try and riddle out the bugs on this forum, but an example of one is my WobbleClip class, which just takes a movie clip and animates a wobble on the clip to a target value. This works on some occasions and doesn't on others

      Are there any known issues caused by changes made to the flash player, specifically concerning AS2 and versions 7-9?

      the project is heavily dependent on intervals

      Really need digging out of a hole here, looking through the code it all looks valid and there's a lot to trawl through!