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    Found 41 blank pages when I returned to Indesign from editing a file in Illustrator


      I think I need your help.

      I'm creating a recipe book in inDesign CC for a Typography class assignment due tomorrow. Thurs Nov. 6th
      As I was putting the final touch to the book by editing my back cover artwork in Illustrator CC something weird happened in
      Indesign because when I returned to inDesign, I found all pages (41) except the back cover blank!



      There were no images listed in the Links panel,  all paragraph styles were gone, all content gone. I just had 41 blank pages. 
      The only page I had was the back cover page who's artwork I was editing in Illustrator CC

      I saved the file, naming it as something else.  its was 2.1mb. in size ... then opened the file I had saved 30 minutes earlier since i
      ts size was 23.6mb, but found the exact same thing:  41 white pages.  all content, paragraph styles and image links gone!!

      only the back cover page remained.  I saved the file as an idml but still found only blank pages


      Needless to say I'm starting over with a file saved several days ago, but I'm seriously
      concerned this might happen again when I least expect it because I have no idea what happened.

      Any guidance or feedback is greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.