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    Issue with form Xobjects in PDF conversion


      Hi- I'm an Acrobat user, doing 508 accessibility remediation, and having issues with some files I get from my clients. I hope someone can help me out.


      The problem is with headers and footers. Ordinarily, they are "artifacts" and don't show up in the reading order, and there is not a tagged item in the tag list. They do remain in the content list, as artifacts.

      But in the troublesome docs, they are in a container nested beneath a "form Xobject". From what I understand, these are used for repeating content, as a footer would be, and "package" the various elements into the xobject.


      The problem is they don't behave as you would like. IF I artifact one, it artifacts them all- which wouldn't be a problem- except that it disappears the footer etc from subsequent pages.


      What can I tell ID creators I work with about to create headers and footers that don't cause this issue?