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    Problems with xobjects


      Hi- I hope someone can help me with problem docs converted from InDesign


      The problem is with headers and footers. Ordinarily, they are artifacted and don't show up in the reading order,

      But in the troublesome docs, they are in a container nested beneath a "form Xobject". From what I understand, these are used for repeating content, as a footer would be, and "package" the various elements into the xobject.


      The problem is they don't behave as you would like. IF I artifact one, it artifacts them all- which wouldn't be a problem- except that it disappears the footer etc from subsequent pages.


      What can I tell ID creators I work with about to create headers and footers that don't cause this issue?

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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          The simple answer is that you can't.


          InDesign optimizes PDF file size and especially print rendering by putting content from master pages into Forms XObjects wherever and whenever possible.


          And it is very likely in the future that any repeated object (such as would occur with copy/paste or repeated placement of external artwork) might be similarly optimized.


          There is no way to “turn this off.”


          Exactly what are you trying to accomplish? Maybe there is something you can do in InDesign with regards to overriding master page items for particular pages that will accomplish what you need?!?


                    - Dov

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            a C student Level 3

            Have you tried dragging the content items out of the XObjects containers in the Acrobat Contents pane?

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              TheTubaboy Level 1

              What we are trying to accomplish is to be able to edit the tags without issue; they don't behave like "normal" tags. They appear in the reading order even when artifacted (and read aloud with screen readers), and subsequent pages using the same content often disappears.


              Headers and footers in documents converted from Word give you nice, artifacted, editable content. Not so with files containing these XObjects.


              I have had plenty of files created in InDesign that did NOT contain xObjects, so I know it's possible. I'm trying to find out what to tell designers to achieve this.

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                TheTubaboy Level 1

                Yep, tried that. It is possible in some cases, but other times it plays havoc, as mentioned in my reply above. Also, it's not very practical if you have a 800+ page document, I really need an InDesign expert to clue me in.


                Know any A students?  <8^)

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                  CtDave Level 6

                  For InDesign -




                  Be well...

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                    Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                    I gave you a response on November 5 and that is exactly the situation.


                    You can avoid some XObject creation by avoiding putting any content on master pages. All images are in XObjects – there is no way to avoid that. Placed PDF will likely result in XObjects as well.


                              - Dov