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    Minified .js files break interactivity on publish


      I made a post earlier looking to fix the symptom, but I should be trying to fix the problem. I have a complex Edge Animate file that works properly when I use "preview in browser" or when I manually execute the 'index.html' file from the project directory. When I choose to publish the project, Edge Animate minifies the .js files ("index_edge.js", "index_edgeActions.js", and "index_edgePreload.js") which in turn breaks the project.


      I have found that replacing these three files with the original project directory versions restores functionality to the published 'index.html' file if I have exported to 'web' folder structure. I have had no success replicating this process with an .oam file. Can anyone offer a solution to get the project working natively out of Edge Animate after publish?