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    "This file will be automatically upgraded and saved with the suffix 'upgraded'"

    eg4190 Level 1

      Argh -- I'm very new to Edge Animate, but I appear to have run into an issue that is much more complicated than it needs to be.  I purchased an EA template for use in a digital magazine, which you can find here:




      It's a nice dial widget that uses Greensock.  When I import the template and try to create my project, I get the dreaded "This file will be automatically upgraded" message, which creates a new folder deep in my /TemporaryItems/Cache... folders.  When I save the project to a new folder, it looks like a number of files (including a proprietary Greensock library, and index_edgePreload.js) aren't coming along for the ride.  I've tried dropping everything that appears to be missing into the new folder, but I'm still getting a nasty alignment issue -- the output is fine in desktop Chrome, but is completely broken in desktop Safari (the content gets thrown out of alignment).


      This _upgraded thing seems to cause lots of problems, but are there any best practices for making sure that the new project works after saving down to a new folder?  Very frustrating.