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    how to change flash player volume

      i want to change the volume of the main flash player with out using flashlite menu (i use setsoftkey)

      the flashlite volume not sound class volume
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          hayden Community Member
          unfortunately, there is as of yet, no way to change the Flash Lite player volume from ActionScript.

          You can control native audio sound volume in some versions of Flash Lite 2.x using a sound object, but this does not apply to device sound formats like MIDI, aac, mp3 etc. So you cannot control volume of device sound formats.

          This is a feature that Adobe really needs to address. They could atleast have a way to display the volume control from ActionScript instead of dealing with the softkey juggling act.
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            benefit-ms Community Member
            i used mp3 to swf to convert mp3 and load them using loadMovie because sound class dosent free memory after laoding another mp3 or set soundObject=undefined; and after loading 5 files of 400kb each the player run out of memory while loading swf takes memory and when you load another swf no more memory is lost and flashlite continue loading and playing