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    Indesign CC lags when switching from browser/another app then back to Indesign

    TCD Comments Level 1

      When i copy text from say, Word, and go to paste it into my indesign document, there is a delay. Example: When I go from Word, then back to indesign, I click on the text block and other items in my indesign window, but it's unresponsive, almost like it is frozen. After several seconds, which seem like forever, all is fine and i'm able to paste. This also happens when jumping from Chrome or Safari. It does not happen only when I'm pasting text, but also going from Chrome/Safari back to indesign, sometimes indesign is unresponsive then too. I have not noticed this in illustrator.


      Today I had to a lot of copying and pasting from word into indesign and it happened all the time. I'm pasting anywhere from half a page to a full page of text. not giants amount at once.


      fyi, i have "prevent app nap" disabled


      I have a late 2013 mac pro

      running yosemite

      24 gb memory