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    how to target my Documents from flash??

      I've inherited a project which saves a data file into the root of the current users My Documents folder.
      I need to load this data into another flash player but can't seemt o find a way of flash targeting the said folder.

      i can't use : C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\My Documents as i don't know how or if flash can access this info
      can i not just target My Documents directly - i.e. which ever one is is currently active. and if so HOW?

      cheers guys and shout if you need any more info.

      Ps. windows, flash 2004 pro, player 7

      regards Rich
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          Hello Rich,

          Are you developing a Flash projector (.exe file) or a Flash movie (.swf file)? Are you using any other technology besides Flash? (For example Macromedia Director, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Cold Fusion...)
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            ezalife Level 1
            the project runs from a CD
            There is an *.net based *.exe which imports 2 *.swf movies which then generates an *.xml file into the local My Docs folder (i don't have the source for any of these files - long story :-(

            I'm creating a swf which needs to target the *.xml file in the My Docs folder and import it's data.
            All files will be located on a CD (bar the generated one) and nope, no other technologies bar the above.

            does that help?
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              crockettroth Level 1
              My condolences ezalife, you have been put into a very difficult situation.

              Unfortunately, Flash can't scan, read, or write files to the users desktop if it's exported out to swf form. (I believe Macromedia took this ability away back in Flash 6.) If you exported the Flash file to a projector (.exe), the Flash file will have limited rights to the user's desktop using fscommands.

              When it comes to more powerful operations, such as locating the user's account name to locate the "My Documents" folder, I had to rely on Macromedia Director and an extension called Buddy API.

              Side note: Macromedia Director projectors export to .exe files as well.