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    IS Extension Manager compatible with Yosemite IMAC OS X 10.10,

    Suzanne Glasper

      I am still having problem with downloading Adobe Acrobat XI Pro. I have disabled my firewall, turned off MACKEEPER,

      I had it installed then iy kept crashing, customer support suggested I crated ANOTHER Administrator, which I did. Slowed my computer to a snail. Not to mention all my files are located in original admin. ( I am not a computer expert just a simple artist, who has the privdledge of a professional where I worked who kept my computer working. Just me now.

      I am about to just cancel my subscription of Creative Suite, all I needed was Acrobat for Downloading and viewing PDF files, the site I had to use for whatever reason would only allow download using Licensed Acrobat??


      Needless to say, I do hope I am using this forum correctly.


      any advice thanks