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    Curve a pen stroke into a circle

    Modus21 Level 1

      I need to make a gear with VERY specific curves. I would pay someone if they could help me with this project, it's that important. I need to make a gear with spokes that can be reshaped, and adjustments will be automatically mirrored around the entire gear.


      To do this, I want to create a noncircular segment of two spokes in the gear. Then this segment must be curved along a circular angle, then repeated to go all the way around and complete the whole gear.


      For Part 1, I was thinking about putting the noncircular segment onto a circle path, forcing the baseline to follow this angle. Kind of like how you can put text on a path, but instead I want to use a shape. I haven't been able to figure out how to do this.


      For Part 2, I want to use a mirror effect to copy the two spokes around the rest of the circle OR copy the spokes along the rest of the circle.


      For Part 3, I want to be able to adjust the original two spokes and the rest of the mirrored or copied spokes follow suit. I also need a null controller for stroke width.



      So far part one, does anyone know how to force a shape's baseline around a circular path? Or a better method? I'm in great need and seeking a genius or three!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I would build your gears in Illustrator then import the AI file as a comp and convert vectors to shapes. Then I would set a keyframe where you want to end up and then move to the start of the timeline and deconstruct the gear. In other words, build what you want to end up with first and then break it apart rather than take something that is only a small part of what you want and form that into the final product.