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    Using Flex 2 with/without FDS

      I am presently designing a web architecture for a client, and ideally I would like to employ a Flex2 UI on a Tomcat/Java web server/server component framework (possibly Spring). I am trying to get a good handle on the necessity of Flex Data Services (FDS) in this architecture.

      What am I really losing should I choose *not* to employ FDS, and is rolling the entire server side with standard Java technology fairly doable? Does anyone have any first-hand experience doing this which they could share?

      Given an expert-level server-side Java experience level, I need to determine whether employing FDS is a necessity or not.


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          My situation is somewhat related - we will be using FDS - but my question is wether FDS is required for all interactions with the server or I can use a mix of FDS and HttpService calls to Struts actions depending on the task? For example, populating drop-downs. It seems that the HttpService approach requires less overhead on the part of the developer.

          If there are a set docs on best-practices, a url would be appreciated. Sifting through 'The Google's' answers is very time consuming.


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            brado77 Level 1

            I don't know what your timeline is, but if you can wait several weeks, I may have an answer for you. I'll be rolling my own middle-tier for Flex, and so I'd be able to give you a concrete answer, and possibly some help if needed.