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    Q. about slides: how to layer parent above children?

    Hasenstein Level 1
      I have slides like this:
      --child2 etc.

      On "parent" I have put a popup interface for navigation. Problem: If there is contents on the child slides it overlays the popup - of course I need the opposite, i.e. the contents of the parent slide should be layered ABOVE all contents of any children...

      I solved it with a workaround, but would still be interested in any better solution (so I won't set the "solved" flag).

      My solution:

      In the "revealChild" event handler for every slide I add the code.below. "e" is the event object, "mediaControls" is the name of the parent slide holding the movie clip mCtrlGroup with the play control buttons etc. (forward/back/to start/...) There is more code attached to events for that mc, for the autohide function, not relevant for thise issue though.

      So far this seems to do just what I want, but maybe there are side effects of the particular swap of z-values that I do that are going to lead to trouble later(?)

      The "if" is necessary to prevent the swap from occuring more than once (when a slide is displayed more than once the event fires each time).