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    Data Bindings frustrations

      Well I have been working with Flex 2.0 for over six months and it has been one of the most frustrating experiences that I have ever dealt with. The bindings mechanism is so frustrating. I have code that binds properly in debug mode but does in normal mode. I have bindings that fire if I update an Array Collection but won't fire if I update the same collection after a services call.

      It seems that most examples I have seeen deal with a few tables at most. I'm not sure that this product can be used for large scale development. I have over 20 tables in my application. This product seems like the PowerBuilder of the 2000's. Great small apps to show off the features but bogs down once you get a little more complex.

      I have used other development environments including MacOS X Cocoa and .NET and I have found this product to be very weak compared to them.

      The reason I chose this was because of the cross platform capabilities of the product. I would have prefered to do my product in Java but it lacked a good up to date multimedia feature set. That is why I chose the Flex product.

      Does anyone know of a good source that has a real in depth explanation on exactly how the bindings mechanism works? Not the Flex Bindings chapter.

      Is anyone else experiencing the same frustrations?

      Does anyone know of an alternative product that I could use?