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    batch - image processor

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      Posting gives me error "m4", so I'll try to post it as a reply to this...

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          Hi all, I have a problem.

          I need to save some -a lot, actually- psd files as multiple formats and sizes, such as jpg 15x15cm 300 dpi, or png 600x600px 72 dpi, and the batch function, running with an action that saves and crops every psd like I want, works very well.

          But the problem is that if I have a folder with many subfolders -an others within them-, batch is no longer useful since it doesn't -it does?- keep the folder/subfolders structure, as Image processor does. On the other hand, image processor doesn't let me choose any format I want, but only jpg, psd and tiff.

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            So, is there a way to accomplish this goal? I'd like to run some automation that simply takes my folder and convert every file in another new folder, running my action and keeping the folder/subfolder structure.

            Thanks guys!