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    Photoshop, Why letter for Image become blurry ?


      Hi, does anyone can help. I have made slider image for my site with adobe photoshop. I set the DPI 200 when saving to JPG, beacuse for site I thing doesn't need very big image, but whe i upload to my site its become little bit blurry. I have tried to set higher DPI but the result still blurry, espesialy in the letter. see the result here www.fandelafx.co.( every letter in the image slider )

      Is that something wrong when I process the image in the photoshop ? please advice..

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          For the Web DPI is meaningless all that matters are the number of Pixels and how good they are.  Displays drivers do not use an images DPI setting for anything. They just display pixels on the display connected to the computer. Displays have a single pixel size their resolution is fixed.  So you web image will look different on various displays.  The size and resolution will differ between devices.   Create you images for displays to fit within some pixel area.  If you create Large print images with fine details they will degrade and loose details when re-sized to fit on displays.  Create image for the web that will look good with the limited number of pixels most display have. Do not create  image that will only fit on full 5k displays  create images  that  will look good on devices with limited pixels like 800x600