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    Libraries panel kills tool shortcuts

    sigtm Level 1

      Since updating PS recently, I've encountered a frustrating problem with the Libraries panel. Here are the steps to replicate it:


      1. Select a tool (any tool)
      2. Click inside the Libraries panel to put it in focus
      3. Try to select a different tool with a keyboard shortcut (V for Move tool or A for Direct/path selection tool, for example)


      Unless I am the only one experiencing this, you should fail at step 3. I have also noticed that Cmd+Z to undo also does not work. So in order to switch to a different tool after having added something to a library, I have to click the document so the Libraries panel doesn't have focus anymore. I can't figure out why this would be by design, but if it's a bug I don't see how they could have missed it.


      This makes the new libraries feature unnecessarily cumbersome and frustrating to use, which is a shame since it could be a really handy way to store core UI elements for each project. I also don't understand why I can't highlight some text and click a color in my library to apply it to the selected text, but that's for another day I guess.


      Anyone else having this problem? I'm on up-to-date Yosemite on a late 2012 iMac, and the most recent PS update.

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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't know if that was as designed or a bug, but sometimes they have a panel take the focus so that they can assign keyboard short cuts that can be used with just that panel. There are so few short cuts available in PS now with all its features, that they need to do this sometimes to add better functionality. Again, just a guess for now.

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            sigtm Level 1

            Yeah that was my first thought, but none of those shortcuts appear to do anything in the Libraries panel. Maybe they have plans for them, but if so I wish they'd just wait and release it when it's actually finished instead of this half-assery.


            I feel like a lot of the updates recently have introduced buggy or half-finished features (AI live rectangles that couldn't do something as fundamental as snap to the grid properly, for example), and that paying customers are being used as beta testers. Just today I spent an hour constructing a library for a current project, only to find that it never synced to my CC account even though the status in the bottom right corner claimed everything was up to date – so everything disappeared after a reboot. Makes me miss the days when new versions were a year apart and they actually took the time to test and finish them before release.

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              Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Yes, the faster cycle time has been the subject for a lot of discussions on putting out a quality product. All the releases, even before the subscription model had bugs. You can always find someone who says that the latest version is the buggiest. Adobe is trying to correct the bugs as fast as they are discovered. there is still a great team of beta testers for all their products, but it can be difficult for them to capture all the bugs, or things that might be bugs and have Adobe respond. In the case of the library panel, this reminds me of how it is when you change a layer's blend mode. You need to click on the document to be able to use shortcut keys also - drives me nuts at times too.

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                sigtm Level 1

                Yeah it's not that the beta testers individually aren't good at it, I just wonder if Adobe listens to them or spends enough time fixing reported issues. Bugs are nothing new, but nowadays there definitely seems to be a rush to push new features that simply aren't solid enough on release.


                That said, I love the idea behind the Libraries panel – very handy, and conceptually simple enough to not overcomplicate things. Just wish it worked properly. No point keeping colours in my library if I have to "unlock" keyboard shortcuts again every time I use them. Seems small, but it's more annoying than it's worth and for no obvious reason IMHO.

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                  SG... Adobe Employee



                  I'm not having the problem with focus that you report. I'm on a MacPro with 10.10 running English locales. Does pressing ESC help?


                  Do you have any other peripherals hooked up, or third party keyboard extensions?


                  It is intended to work as you expect, where single key shortcuts work after just clicking on the Libraries panel. The focus should only stay on the panel if you are editing a text edit field.




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                    sigtm Level 1

                    Hi SG,


                    Thanks for your reply. I am now at home, and experiencing the same issue on my brand new MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina, also running Yosemite 10.10 and up to date versions of the full CC suite. The iMac has an Apple keyboard and Logitech mouse attached, but the MBP has no peripherals at all. I'm in Norway, but my OSX is set to English. The machine at the office is a late 2012 iMac, with the same exact software. They were both upgraded from Mavericks, as opposed to a clean install, in case that matters.


                    Pressing ESC does not help. In fact, on the MBP the issue is slightly worse: clicking the document does not help, I have to click one of the other panels, like the tools or history panel. On the iMac it was sufficient to click the document.


                    Kind regards,


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                      This (or something very similar) is still happening for me on windows 8.1 pro latest CC update. February 4th 2016.


                      ANY use of the library panel if you have an asset selected, disables ALL keyboard short-cut presses.


                      It's as if Adobe have realised pressing delete whilst you have a library asset selected would be bad (as it deletes from your cloud storage) so they disabled key presses when the library panel is active, and forgot to turn them back on when you click away to another panel.


                      Only way to get the keyboard working again is to manually click a tool in the tool-bar or another panel to hide the library pane or a top menu item to get keyboard focus again.


                      Try it:

                      Create 2 layers

                      Scribble on one of them.

                      Drag this scribble to your library panel to create a new asset.

                      Click on this asset in the library panel so it selects in grey

                      Now go to the layers panel, select one of the layers and press delete on your keyboard.... nothing

                      Now try other keyboard short cuts like.. T... M....ctrl+t...ctrl+s...

                      ...nothing works.

                      Use your mouse to click on the move tool from the tools panel to gain focus again

                      Now try deleting the layer with delete key or using a keyboard short-cut.. hey presto it works!!


                      This is REALLY frustrating, I bought a new keyboard the other day thinking mine was intermittently breaking, can anyone confirm Adobe know about this? Other people must be noticing this too?


                      Yours Hopefully


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                        Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        I think that might be expected behavior. Shortcut keys are getting harder to come by, so some panels disable them so they can use them. Steve could answer that for certain.