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    Fixed Layout ePub - please help me embed video and/or use Folio overlay with web content



      I have an In Design file used to create a print book (11"x11") and have decided to use CC 2014 to create a fixed-layout ePub 3 for a digital version.  I converted the book over with minor issues of having to change the font and it looks beautiful.


      I would like to add videos at the end of the book to take advantage of the flexibility of the digital format.  I create a year-end slideshow of my photos and host them on Vimeo.


      I have tried the following:

      Using the Vimeo standard embed code in an HTML element

      Using the old flash Vimeo embed code and converting to HTML - worked great on iBooks on Mac but not on iPhone/iPad as flash-based

      Hosting and linking to videos on my own web server and using the Media - insert video link to the mp4 file

      Hosting and linking to videos on my old photo server at smugmug.com

      I can embed the actual videos but, at their smallest size they increase the file size of the ePub from 78MB to 400MB...


      I then thought I would use a Folio Overlay - Web Content.

      The idea is to use this blank page on my website which would look for all intents and purposes like another white page in the book - 2012 Slideshow - Oren Photography

      The overlay works in Folio Preview but not when exported as an ePub


      Is this a limitation of the ePub format?


      Any help/advice/suggestions on fixing this are greatly appreciated.