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    Windows NT Authentication

      Hi folks,
      I am new to coldfusion; I have successfully setup Mx coldfusion 7, IIS 5.1. Now my client has requirement to incorporate windows NT authentication to his site. What i did for this is just edit the site settings in IIS and i choose the Integrated windows authentication access method. so now when the user logs in to window he can directly login to the site. <h>Okay this fine, but please guide if am doing wrong or if there is some good way.</h>

      Now the problem is the this my client want to track the unsuccessfull attempts for login of of the users. I have surfed alot but i couldn't find any suitable information to get the user name and pass entered by user to prompt box.

      means how to read user name and password from a prompt box that display incase of Integrated windows authentication?

      I have tried to explain it best but please ask if you don't understand the problem,

      please help me in this regards.

      Thanks in advance,